Bill Myers Northwoods Tree Service

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Myers Tree Service offers firewood in various sizes and grades to customers in Baltimore and Harford County. We offer drive in service, $75.00 - $125 per rack.  We have camp and fire pit wood 30 pc stacks . $15 per stack for low grade, $20 for our mid grade and $25 for the high grade. We will load your vehicle. Open Monday through Friday 7am to 4pm. Sat. 10am-4pm and Sun. appt only.




  • High Grade  $220 per cord
  • Mid. Grade  $180 per cord
  • Low Grade  $150 per cord


We will deliver and stack firewood in the following grades:

*High Grade
$220.00 per cord

All Oaks, Hickory(s), Locust(s)

*Medium Grade $180.00 per cord

Maple(s), Ash(s), Fruit woods-pear, apple, cherry mix. These woods are mixed.

Low Grade $150.00 per cord

Poplar, Sassafrass, Spruce(s), Pine, Polonia, Katalpa, Pine(s), Cedar(s), Magnolia(s) GREAT FOR FIRE PITS!!!

Chunk Wood $150.00 per cord Perfect for small wood stoves or small patio fire pits. Average size 6"x8" blocks, knots that will burn for hours.


$5 bundles

Craft Wood





We have a variety of different woods, shapes and sizes for making your crafts. We also have large rounds for tables. We will special cut for you .



* Free delivery to the Kingsville area. All other areas call for a complete estimate. ****THERE IS A STACKING FEE. Office number 410-510-7205*****

Our fw pieces range in 16"-18" lengths. If needing smaller pieces call for pricing on special cuts.