Bill Myers Northwoods Tree Service

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Myers Tree Service offers firewood in various sizes and grades to customers in Baltimore and Harford County. We offer drive in service, $75.00 - $125 per rack.  We have camp and fire pit wood 30 pc stacks . $10 per stack for low grade, $15 for our mid grade and $25 for the high grade. We will load your vehicle. Open Monday through Friday 7am to 4pm. Sat. 10am-4pm and Sun. appt only.




  • High Grade  $220 per cord
  • Mid. Grade  $180 per cord
  • Low Grade  $150 per cord


We will deliver and stack firewood in the following grades:

*High Grade
$220.00 per cord

All Oaks, Hickory(s), Locust(s)

*Medium Grade $180.00 per cord

Maple(s), Ash(s), Fruit woods-pear, apple, cherry mix. These woods are mixed.

Low Grade $150.00 per cord

Poplar, Sassafrass, Spruce(s), Pine, Polonia, Katalpa, Pine(s), Cedar(s), Magnolia(s) GREAT FOR FIRE PITS!!!

Chunk Wood $150.00 per cord Perfect for small wood stoves or small patio fire pits. Average size 6"x8" blocks, knots that will burn for hours.

Slab Wood


We offer milling and have all grades of slab in all sizes. Perfect for large bon fires.


Craft Wood



$5 bundle

We have a variety of different woods, shapes and sizes for making your crafts. We also have large rounds for tables. We will special cut for you .



* Free delivery to the Kingsville area. All other areas call for a complete estimate. ****THERE IS A STACKING FEE. Office number 410-510-7205*****

We also have milling services and provide lumber. Anything from boards for building, fence posts, floors, and for crafters. Call to set up an appt.

Our fw pieces range in 16"-18" lengths. If needing smaller pieces call for pricing on special cuts.